Where There is Peace & Meditation - Mindful Monday

Are you peaceful? Meditative? Or anxious? Doubtful?


Of course, the reverse is also true: where there is anxiety or doubt, there is neither peace nor meditation. I am reminded of my first pregnancy, which was initially full of anxiety and doubt.

A trip the library, where I checked out approximately 25 pregnancy and birth books (not joking!), quelled that initial "I'm pregnant. Now what?!" feeling. Waiting and waiting for what felt like weeks to get in to see the hospital midwife (who doesn't schedule prior to 12 weeks). Not knowing if the pregnancy would be viable. Not knowing what my husband's family would think (we weren't married at the time I got pregnant). Not knowing what my family would think. Feeling like barfing all.the.dang.time. 

Bradley Method classes taken over the course of 12 weeks in the second and third trimesters helped me learn to calm my breathing and focus on relaxing. The key to the Bradley Method is relaxation, after all, so I guess it should've been expected!

That focus on listening in to my body and helping myself relax has helped me not only through that labor and my subsequent labors, but also in other real life situations - the dentist's chair isn't nearly so bad anymore. Babies crying are handled with calm (usually!), positive energy instead of frantic, intense anxiety. Work is less stressful when I remember to breathe. I can even fall asleep quickly using some patterned breathing. 

Given our recent move to Memphis, trying to find childcare, and all the while balancing work and family - I certainly need to practice being peaceful and meditative more! 

I didn't expect that childbirth classes would have such practical, on-going guidance after that birth, but I'm so grateful for the way they've enriched my life and that of my family. 

Are you interested in quelling some of that inner chatter and doubt? Want to learn more about how relaxation can help you in pregnancy - and beyond? Check out my upcoming childbirth classes in Memphis or the classes in Pocahontas, AR. I'd love to have you join!

What helps you feel peaceful? Do you have a favorite place to relax and feel calm?