How Things Came to Be... Or, Why I Do This Work.

In late 2009 I happened to find myself pregnant. I also happened to catch a documentary called "The Business of Being Born" shortly thereafter (thanks, Netflix!) and wound up enrolled in local Bradley Method classes (thanks, Kara!) 

I wanted to birth like the women I saw in the documentary - calm, beautiful, empowered in their choices, fully supported by partner and provider... it looked great! It looked completely different than the "Hollywood" version of birth I had been exposed to my whole life. 

Flash forward to August 2010 - I did it! I had an AMAZING birth. How could I NOT want to share the secrets with others about how they too might have a joyful, awesome, supported birth? I trained with the Bradley Method two months after that birth, and the rest is history!

I know that not every birth will go the way we want, so my classes don't focus on things we can't control or fear-monger about the evils of such-and-such medical intervention. Instead, the classes focus on the things we DO have control over, like being your healthiest during pregnancy, making choices that feel right for you and your situation by incorporating informed decision-making, choosing a supportive care provider, and picking the best birthing location for you. My childbirth classes offer practical techniques you can use to experience birth in the most positive way possible. 

When attending births as a labor doula, I follow the same philosophy as with my classes. We discuss what your ideal experience would be, and make plans to help you birth that way. Many times, it works perfectly! If the birth isn't going as planned, we can still rely on informed decision-making and do our best to make the experience as positive and empowered as can be.

I'd love to hear from you. If you're in Memphis or the surrounding areas, let's meet up! Check out my class offerings or set up a free doula consultation today.