5 (FREE!) Things Your Wife Actually Wants for Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day from Memphis! 

Hey, it's Valentine's Day. Maybe that means you'll get laid! Want to increase your odds, but short on cash? If you're reading this now, you're probably short on time, too. Even though Bluff City's got some amazing date places and tons of price ranges for all budgets, if you've waited until now to consider a gift for your wife, you're probably too late for all the good ones. 

But never fear, the Homesteading Doula is here! She's frugal to the max, and she doesn't bother with made-up holiday nonsense. She's all for people making babies though - if her tips work, you best be calling her to book your due date!

Here are Sarah's Top 5 FREE Things Your Woman Actually Wants for Valentine's


#5. Your attention

Pay attention to her and she'll pay attention to you, know what I mean? Ask her what she wants today and really listen to the answer. You should be good, unless she falls asleep because she's exhausted from taking care of the kids. Which leads us to...

#4. Time alone, or let her take a nap

Yes, Valentine's Day is supposed  to be all lovey-dovey spend time togetherness. But you know what's really rad when you have kids? Spending time alone. I'm talking you take the kids and leave the house for at least 2 hours. She'll have time to take a shower (imminently refreshing), shave her legs (good for everyone), maybe even get a nap (oh, the heavens are raining down on us!) and she'll feel like a normal human. 

She might even put on that special lingerie after her shower, especially if you....

#3. Clean the house

Sure, chores are supposed to be 50/50 these days, but everybody likes a day off. Especially moms. 

#2. Give her a massage

Whatever kind she likes. I'm partial to neck/shoulder rubs myself, but I know some women that loooove a good foot rub. Whatever floats her boat, that's your next gift to her. And finally, because a massage always brings out the hunger in you, 

#1. Cook dinner

Whatever skill level you're at, just do it. The key here is not in the preparation, the taste, or the delivery. The key is that you did all the cooking AND that you do all the cleaning up afterwards. 

Come to think of it, Valentine's Day gifts are an awful lot like Mother's Day gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts..... hmm, that's interesting! 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day! What was the best V-day gift you ever gave? Worst?