Take What Works, and Leave the Rest

If there is one thing I've learned about parenting in my modest 6 years of parenting, teaching, and doula-ing, it's that what works for one family doesn't work for every family.

Now, I don't have a mantra, but if I did, it might be:

Take What Works, and Leave the Rest

You're always going to run into people offering advice or suggestions.

Sometimes it'll be well-meaning and helpful, sometimes it'll be well-meaning but annoying, and sometimes it'll just be annoying.

Don't let that get you down!

Listen with an open mind, evaluate if the advice is useful to you, and if so, put it to good use!

If the advice is outdated, stupid, dangerous, or just not your style, ignore at will and keep on keeping on.

After all, YOU are the one who has to live with your decisions, not the person giving out free advice!

I'd love to hear from you. What's your favorite way to handle unsolicited or unwanted advice?