Classes & Other Services

Customized to YOUR Needs and YOUR Schedule

All classes are offered in Memphis, TN. Private classes may be available for students living within 2 hours driving distance from Memphis. Some classes may be available to those outside of the Memphis area via video conference. 

Bradley Method (group class)

Bradley Method classes are comprehensive, 12-week classes designed to cover everything you need to know about birth. Topics include comfort measures, birth plans, a look at common procedures and interventions from both a "natural" and "medical" viewpoint, informed consent and decision-making, nutrition, and exercises to prepare for labor. A dedicated support person who can attend class with you each week is highly recommended (but not required), as they will learn specific techniques to best assist you during labor. 

This class meets 2 hours weekly, for 12 weeks.

(in the meantime, check out the other great classes available!)

VBAC Preparation (private class)

Did you know that, given the opportunity to labor for a VBAC (vaginal birth after a cesarean), 3 out of 4 mothers can have a safe vaginal birth and avoid the complications from a cesarean section? If you're interested in making a VBAC reality, this is a great class.

Using material from the VBAC Education Project as our guide, we'll explore evidence-based medical information, communication with your doctor about your desires for your labor, along with ways to deal with the psychological and physical issues that often arise from a prior cesarean, and strategies and support for labor.

The class also covers the unique birth planning that often arises when planning a VBAC or a repeat cesarean.

VBAC Preparation classes are approximately 3 hours.


Birth Art (group or private available)

Birth art is a great way to deepen your connection to your baby and yourself, through art. Birth Art classes focus on preparation for birth and parenthood in a unique way. We will make and explore our images about pregnancy, birth, our baby, and parenting. 

NO artistic talent, skill, or experience is needed! Art will not be analyzed or displayed. Our focus is on the learning process, self-discovery, and deepening your connection to your baby and yourself. This session has nothing to do with your ability to "make art," rather, it focuses on the process of creation and discovery.

Birth Art sessions are approximately 1.5-2 hours long. They are offered monthly, and you can come to as many sessions as you'd like throughout your pregnancy.

“Our little Helen just turned one year old this week, so we’ve been reflecting on our pregnancy and birth experience with her. We are so grateful that we were able to take your class and have an amazing home birth with our third. We appreciate all of the learning and support we received in your class. Thank you for being a part of developing our perspective on childbirth and the strength of a woman” :)
— Katie F., birthed in 2013

Birth Planning

Leave this session with the perfect birth plan! This class includes information to learn about all your options, assess your priorities, communicate with your partner and your doctor about your desires, and create a written or visual birth plan.

Birth Planning sessions are offered in Memphis, TN. 
Live outside Memphis? No problem - video conferencing is also available!

Birth Planning sessions are approximately 2 hours long.
Please note, doula clients: this service is included in your doula services fee!


Private Classes

Special circumstances? Hectic schedule? Not interested in group classes? Whatever the reason, private classes are available! 

Private classes are customized to cover exactly what you want to learn, and according to your schedule.