Sarah Halsrud is the Homesteading Doula

Offering professional labor doula support and
childbirth education in
Memphis, TN and NE Arkansas, including
Jonesboro, Pocahontas, Blytheville, and surrounding areas



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An experienced birth educator and doula...

Sarah loves teaching about birth and attending births in Memphis and Northern Arkansas. Since 2010, Sarah has witnessed the growth of over 60 families.

In childbirth class...

Sarah provides information in an easy-to-understand way, utilizing techniques for adult learners of all learning styles, interactive games, videos, and open discussion to present information. Classes are informal, relaxed, and fun.

Private birthing classes are available in the comfort of your own home, or you can come to Sarah's home in Binghampton (near Overton Park) for group or private lessons. Currently, Sarah teaches Bradley Method natural childbirth classes in Memphis, and Build-Your-Own Childbirth Classes in Memphis and NE Arkansas. Check out current birth classes.

At your baby's birth...

The focus is all about you and your new family.

Sarah's role at the birth is to help you and your partner through your unique birth experience, whether that means:

  • rubbing your back to help you relax and feel calm,
  • squeezing your hips to help relieve the pressure,
  • making sure your water is always full so you stay hydrated,
  • showing your partner how he can help you, 
  • suggesting a new position when you need a change,
  • reminding you that what you're going through is normal,
  • staying by your side while your partner gets a much needed break, or has to use the bathroom or go get some food,
  • helping you find your voice if you need to ask questions, and
  • assisting with anything else you or your partner may need.

Sarah attends both home and hospital births in her service area (Memphis and NE Arkansas - including Olive Branch MS, Jonesboro AR, Pocahontas AR, Paragould AR, Blytheville AR and Walnut Ridge AR).

Sarah does not take the place of a qualified, licensed medical provider at your birth. Her support is emotional and physical, not medical. Get more information about doula services in the Memphis/NE Arkansas area.


Sarah will work to understand your hopes and desires for your birth experience, and she will help you make concrete plans to achieve that experience.

While Sarah will become attached to you and your family, Sarah does not have an emotional attachment to your birth. She remains an objective and calm resource in any situation. 

By being non-judgmental and neutral, Sarah can help you make the best decisions for yourself and your situation, without being concerned that she's leading your birth in a certain direction. This is especially beneficial if you experiences any bumps along the way and you need to change your plans.

Labor Doula Support can be booked through Doulas of Memphis. For more information about Childbirth Education, please submit the form below:

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Not sure where to begin?

If you find yourself pregnant in Memphis or NE Arkansas, the Homesteading Doula would love to help you! 

I’m hoping for a natural hospital birth
I’m planning to give birth by cesarean
I want a different experience this time around
I’m anxious about birth and going through labor
I want to know how to work with my body and my baby
I am a person, who happens to be pregnant

Not just another pregnant person.


Sarah knows you're more than just your pregnancy.

Whatever your circumstances, Sarah is understanding and empathetic, and can help you. 

More information is available about childbirth classes in Memphis Tennessee and classes in Pocahontas Arkansas on the Classes page. 

For more information about how you can enjoy all the benefits of professional labor doula support, let's be in touch.